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1. An ornament carved in low relief.
2. A moving or still picture consisting of two slightly different perspectives of the same subject in contrasting colors that are superimposed on each other, producing a three-dimensional effect when viewed through two correspondingly colored filters.

[From Late Latin anaglyphus, carved in low relief, from Greek anagluphos : ana-, ana- + gluphein, to carve; see gleubh- in Indo-European roots.]

an′a·glyph′ic, an′a·glyp′tic (-glĭp′tĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.anaglyphic - related to anaglyphs or anaglyphyanaglyphic - related to anaglyphs or anaglyphy  
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As the disparity for an anaglyphic or vectographic target is increased, the crossed direction creates an image which appears paradoxically smaller, though it appears closer, and the uncrossed disparity image appears larger though it appears farther away.
"The pictures here have been produced in anaglyphic form: when viewed through the supplied glasses, you can perceive the third dimension of height."
The anaglyphic Kleinian signifier comes ready-made, in the sense that no conscious perceptual adjustment is demanded of the viewer for an effective reading of the image.
Spy Kids 3-D made use of the polychromatic anaglyphic process and its accompanying red / cyan cardboard glasses that had been used since the adult film Sivingtail (1969), but not yet for a children's film.
The binocular paradigm uses the anaglyphic processing method, which combines two viewpoints through two different color filters, usually red for the left eye and cyan or green for the right eye.
The new tour has been really exciting to put together - I've even created retro-style anaglyphic 3D tour visuals, like old school 80s 3D films, to reflect the back-to-basics nature of my mixmag Blowout album and this tour.