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Adj.1.anagrammatical - related to anagrams or containing or making an anagram
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Rather than following on as a repetition of Chapter 2's "The Ship," in "The Hold" Sharpe proposes that "with these logics [of the slave ship] in mind, I want to suggest that what is also being birthed (in the hold) is what I call anagrammatical blackness that exists as an index of violability and also potentiality" (75).
In this anagrammatical context, "sea" in "sea one pearl" is a pun that not only describes the ocean blanched by dawn but also exhorts the reader to see the repeated "-ea-" letters in "sea one pearl." This insertion of micromoments of graphic sameness within sonic difference is not only another way that Swinburne synaesthetically coheres sound and sight but also a performance of, and therefore an argument for, eye rhyme.
The main person Alian Sandme is involved in a self-exploring experiment which serves to enable him to find the alian (alien) part of himself, exposed in the anagrammatical form of his first name.
In 1996, having been in self-imposed exile from New Zealand for 11 years, I penned an anagrammatical poem NEW ZEALAND and published it as a postcard (8 lines of silver lettering on glossy black card).
The post-structuralist privileging of discourse as anterior to and thus constitutive of both the self and experiential reality is "only a whisper away from the Gorfic assertion that reality is constructed by thought forms and can be transformed by the anagrammatical rearrangement of these thought forms" (116).
Consider how the interplay of representation and metaphor in "Mont Blanc" is energized by the anagrammatical smashup of the river running through landscape and poem, the Arve--the river that "raves" in its "ravine," that rushes beneath the veil of its "voiced vale." The play between the Arve's destructive power, Mont Blanc's still and solemn power and the "adverting mind," a further redisposition of the Arve which adverts through the voice, shuttle the reader to an ending which might be the white desert of the un-imprinted page ahead, the presence of a unfigured God or, as the poem dreads, mere vacancy Ave atque vale.
My argument begins with anagrammatical wordplay involved in commonplace associations between desirable women and precious jewels, and Dido's participation within that complex.
10 Explain an link between Jeremy Paxman, the University Challenge 2009 Final, Corpus Christi, leadership, broad-based general knowledge and anagrammatical Ragtime Bill.
Buchan's novel reaccentuates in anagrammatical form a whole clutch of motifs from Victory to its own purposes.