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1. A word or phrase formed by reordering the letters of another word or phrase, such as satin to stain.
2. anagrams(used with a sing. verb) A game in which players form words from a group of randomly picked letters.

[New Latin anagramma, from Greek anagrammatismos, from anagrammatizein, to rearrange letters in a word : ana-, from bottom to top; see ana- + gramma, grammat-, letter; see gerbh- in Indo-European roots.]

an′a·gram·mat′ic (-grə-măt′ĭk) adj.
an′a·gram·mat′i·cal·ly adv.
an′a·gram′ma·tize′ (-ə-tīz′) v.
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Adj.1.anagrammatic - related to anagrams or containing or making an anagram
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