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 (ə-năl′sēm′) also a·nal·cite (-sīt′)
A white or light-colored zeolite, NaAlSi2O6·H2O, found in certain basalts.

[French, from Greek analkimos, weak (from its weak electric power) : an-, not; see a-1 + alkimos, brave (from alkē, strength).]

a·nal·cim′ic adj.
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The formation of a Fe-(hydro)oxide celadonite and opaline mixture is thus suggested, which may be explained by silica glass replacement, similar to that reported by Bustillo and Martinez-Frias (2003) High carbonate ion activity caused the early precipitation of calcite, removing most [Ca.sup.2+] ions and so leaving the water comparatively enriched in alkalies Both celadonite precipitation (which increased the Na+/K+ ratio in solution) and decreased temperature (which favoured Na enrichment in the solution) may have contributed to analcime crystallisation and that of other Narich zeolites (Alt and Honnorez, 1984).
Mashhadizadeh, "Flame atomic absorption spectroscopy (FAAS) determination of iron(III) after preconcentration on to modified analcime zeolite with 5-((4-nitrophenylazo)-N-(2',4'-dimethoxyphenyl)) salicylaldimine by column method," Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, vol.
"Intrusive" leucite and leucite pseudomorphed by analcime and plagioclase are common, testifying to subvolcanic conditions [24].
The results showed that synthesis products contained analcime, zeolite Na-Pl and phillipsite (Querol et al.
The first exhibit balls (tephra balls) composed of a mixture of glassy porphyritic basalt fragments, crystal fragments of olivine, pyroxenes and zeolitized plagioclase admixed with organic matter, set in a groundmass of finer calcareous muddy material with crystal fragments, clays, analcime, calcite and organic matter.
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Minerals of the zeolite group, analcime and natrolite, are present in all samples except in sample D16 (Table 1).
26.) His description is easy to follow, and he noted a place of special interest at Wasson Bluff: "Opposite the Two Islands, the fissures of the trap are lined with fine crystals of analcime and natrolite; and the fissures and vacant spaces of the trap conglomerate in the same neighbourhood contain a reddish variety of chabasie [chabasite] in rhombohedrons, often of large size" (Dawson 1855, p.