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A graduated scale in the shape of a figure eight, indicating the sun's declination and the equation of time for every day of the year, often found on sundials and globes.

[Latin, sundial, from Greek analēmma, from analambanein, to take up; see analeptic.]
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n, pl -mas or -mata (-mətə)
(Astronomy) a graduated scale shaped like a figure eight that indicates the daily declination of the sun
[C17: from Latin: sundial, pedestal of sundial, from Greek analēmma pedestal, from analambanein to support]
analemmatic adj
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(ˌæn lˈɛm ə)

n., pl. an•a•lem•mas, an•a•lem•ma•ta (ˌæn lˈɛm ə tə)
a scale shaped like the figure 8, showing the declination of the sun and the equation of time for each day of the year.
[1645–55; < Latin: pedestal of a sundial, sundial < Greek análēmma support, derivative (with -ma n. suffix of result) of analambánein; see analeptic]
an`a•lem•mat′ic (-ɛˈmæt ɪk) adj.
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a flgure-of-eight-shaped scale, for showing the declination of the sun and the equation of time for every day of the year. — analemmatic, adj.
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Additionally, at exactly clock noon he made another point along the analemma. Connecting those dots created the figure 8.
When the Clouds Architecture Office thought of Analemma Tower, a futuristic, asteroid-suspended skyscraper that orbits around the world, they thought of the UAE as the ideal location for this out-of-the-globe idea.
The English topics are translating Babylonian mathematical problem texts, translating Babylonian astronomical diaries and procedure texts, challenges of interpreting Egyptian astronomical texts, a case-study in Roman mathematics: the description of the analemma in Vitrius' &lt;De architectura/&gt; book IX, and translating Greek astronomy texts: the horoscope of Hadrian by Antigonus of Nicaea.
According to The New York Post, a group of architects from the Clouds Architecture Office is currently designing the massive eyesore, which will be dubbed as the Analemma Tower.
Later I learned how to draw the analemma how it takes the whole year to
The figure-8 loop, known as the analemma, graphically reveals the seasonal shift of the Sun in the sky.
The union of the north-south and east-west changes results in the construction of an analemma, which is the figure-eight shape created by plotting the path of the noon Sun over a year.
It includes a noon line and an analemma, a figure-eight shape that marks the position of the sun at the same hour - noon in this case - each day through the year.
He calls French Camp's monument "Posthenge." "I couldn't afford big rocks." Elsewhere, Hill has made an analemma clock/calendar out of concrete .stones painted with elongated 8s.
He has photographic evidence of a yearlong project: shooting an analemma.
I find an analemma is a graphic that makes it easier for me to understand how our orbit affects such things as time of sunrise.