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A graduated scale in the shape of a figure eight, indicating the sun's declination and the equation of time for every day of the year, often found on sundials and globes.

[Latin, sundial, from Greek analēmma, from analambanein, to take up; see analeptic.]
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n, pl -mas or -mata (-mətə)
(Astronomy) a graduated scale shaped like a figure eight that indicates the daily declination of the sun
[C17: from Latin: sundial, pedestal of sundial, from Greek analēmma pedestal, from analambanein to support]
analemmatic adj
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(ˌæn lˈɛm ə)

n., pl. an•a•lem•mas, an•a•lem•ma•ta (ˌæn lˈɛm ə tə)
a scale shaped like the figure 8, showing the declination of the sun and the equation of time for each day of the year.
[1645–55; < Latin: pedestal of a sundial, sundial < Greek análēmma support, derivative (with -ma n. suffix of result) of analambánein; see analeptic]
an`a•lem•mat′ic (-ɛˈmæt ɪk) adj.
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a flgure-of-eight-shaped scale, for showing the declination of the sun and the equation of time for every day of the year. — analemmatic, adj.
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Thanks especially to Mike for telling me all sorts of interesting facts about sundials, including the Analemmatic Sundial.
New additions to the format were: Rainer's Sun Corner: The sunny day provided an excellent opportunity to show off Rainer Jakob's 'Sun Corner' which included seven beautiful sundials, an armillary sphere and an analemmatic sundial--six were built by Rainer himself.
The many common designs of sundials, such as vertical, horizontal and analemmatic dials, can all be derived by projections of the basic equatorial dial (Lennox-Boyd, 2006).
I did an 'analemmatic dial' or human dial as they are often referred at Leicester Brocks Hill ecology park.