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Restorative or stimulating, as a drug or medication.
A medication used as a central nervous system stimulant.

[Greek analēptikos, from analambanein, to take up : ana-, ana- + lambanein, lēp-, to take.]


(Medicine) (of a drug, etc) stimulating the central nervous system
1. (Pharmacology) any drug, such as doxapram, that stimulates the central nervous system
2. (Pharmacology) (formerly) a restorative remedy or drug
[C17: from New Latin analēpticus, from Greek analēptikos stimulating, from analambanein to take up; see analemma]


(ˌæn lˈɛp tɪk)
1. restoring; invigorating; giving strength after disease.
2. awakening, esp. from drug stupor.
3. a nervous system stimulant.
[1655–65; < Greek analēptikós analēb-, variant s. of analambánein to restore (ana- ana- + lambánein to take)]


a restorative, invigorating medicine.
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Noun1.analeptic - a medication used as a stimulant to the central nervous systemanaleptic - a medication used as a stimulant to the central nervous system
excitant, stimulant drug, stimulant - a drug that temporarily quickens some vital process
Adj.1.analeptic - stimulating the central nervous systemanaleptic - stimulating the central nervous system; "an analeptic drug stimulates the central nervous system"
stimulative - capable of arousing or accelerating physiological or psychological activity or response by a chemical agent
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As Andrew Jacobs reported recently in the New York Times, college kids now use prescription stimulants and analeptics such as Adderall and Concerta as study aides, and some estimates suggest that 20 percent of college students nationwide regularly rely on them to get their work done.
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