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Of, expressing, composed of, or based on an analogy: the analogical use of a metaphor.

an′a·log′i·cal·ly adv.
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[ˌænəˈlɒdʒɪklɪ] advanalogicamente
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As we find cycle within cycle without end, -- yet all revolving around one far-distant centre which is the God-head, may we not analogically suppose in the same manner, life within life, the less within the greater, and all within the Spirit Divine?
"But the division of being into analogically diverse rationes of potency and act makes both the discovery of the real distinction of essence and existence and the causal reasoning to the conclusion of God as pure act, to be possible." Second, then, the foundation for any proper metaphysical reflection concerning God is the analogy of proper proportionality.
Later [[sigma].sup.2.sub.[tau]] is found analogically (connecting) like [[sigma].sup.2].
To be sure these cells have an organization and some of them will eventually become organs and other body parts but it is stretching language to call the parts of the cell organs, even analogically. What directs the growth and integration of the organism is its genetic code.
Aquinas allows that a term can be analogically predicated "in two qualitatively different kinds of relations." In doing so, the author claims, Aquinas has to consider "relations between relations" which opens onto a regress.
The signal and threshold are compared again, and instantaneous value of signal in the next phase of the signal is calculated analogically.
To my mind, Lonergan is dissatisfied with Aquinas's middle-period definition of freedom as mere co-coercion because Lonergan sticks to a single, univocal meaning, whereas Aquinas analogically uses two, which are equally valid since each considers a different aspect of the will (libertas/liberum arbitrium).
For Maritain, writes Trapani, "nothing, not Poetry, not metaphysics, not philosophical contemplation, takes the place of that union and beatitude given in supernatural contemplation and divine grace." Nonetheless, our experience of poetic beauty analogically foreshadows the face of God.
Reversed A transformation models immediately got from T transformation models, to direct T transformation expressions instead of parameter [[??].sub.i] we set-in reversed value 1/[[??].sub.i] (analogically instead of -[[??].sub.i] we set-in [c.sub.i] or vice-versa):
argues that God, knowable to us only analogically and metaphorically, is seen in the creation; all bodies are "intimations" of God, but remain nonetheless "backside" views of divine glory, since face-to-face knowledge of God is inaccessible.
It is worth noting that Aristotle, who is taken to be responsible for the name metaphysics, said that being is predicated analogically. Analogy is neither univocity nor differance.--Norman J.