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1. Similar or alike in such a way as to permit the drawing of an analogy.
2. Biology Similar in function but not in structure and evolutionary origin.

[From Latin analogus, from Greek analogos, proportionate : ana-, according to; see ana- + logos, proportion; see leg- in Indo-European roots.]

a·nal′o·gous·ly adv.
a·nal′o·gous·ness n.
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Adv.1.analogously - in an analogous manner; "analogously, we have a variable"
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And analogously with Moore's law, about computer processing power doubling every year -- the cost falls annually as well.
All functions are available analogously in the Web GUI of xSuite and can therefore also be used by companies that do not yet use SAP Fiori.
He argues that this failure results from Kant's confused attempt to define the sphere of right as one that functions independently of (yet analogously to) the moral domain through the construction of nonmoral yet categorical imperatives.
Others have described her somewhat analogously as contesting the rigidities of modernist art history.
Analogously, Airbnb is putting its brand onto real estate assets and thus is no longer sticking purely to a virtual presence.
"It is but reasonable that the rule be analogously applied to an accused whose guilt has yet to be determined and who enjoys the presumption of innocence to avoid an obvious miscarriage of justice," the motion reads.
Analogously, a judge accepts eyewitness testimony as reliable despite some errors and inconsistencies.
deserves great credit for his hard work in attempting to explain in relatively simple language the concepts of entanglement and superposition first within theoretical physics and then analogously in a panentheistic understanding of the God-world relationship.
Seismic sources operate analogously to throwing stones in a pond, creating rippling waves (principally compressional and shear waves) that propagate within the Earth.
Novelists like Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins began to work analogously to curators in laying out multiple plots and characters for their readers in ways that replicated tours through commercial art galleries or exhibition halls.
Analogously, the number of target killings also reduced from 1087 to 425 which is approximately 56% decrease in the crime.