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1. Similar or alike in such a way as to permit the drawing of an analogy.
2. Biology Similar in function but not in structure and evolutionary origin.

[From Latin analogus, from Greek analogos, proportionate : ana-, according to; see ana- + logos, proportion; see leg- in Indo-European roots.]

a·nal′o·gous·ly adv.
a·nal′o·gous·ness n.
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Adv.1.analogously - in an analogous manner; "analogously, we have a variable"
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deserves much credit for attempting to explain in relatively simple language the concepts of entanglement and superposition first within theoretical physics and then analogously in a panentheistic understanding of the God-world relationship.
This paper focuses on the important semantic components involved in analogy in hopes of providing an epistemic ground for predicating names of God analogously.
Analogously, adjusted bleeding rates were not significantly different between groups.
Analogously, the number of target killings also reduced from 1087 to 425 which is approximately 56% decrease in the crime.
Analogously, they demonstrated that when people are in a good mood, things seem okay and they can take a big picture perspective.
Analogously, the researchers theorize further that neutron flux increments, in correspondence to seismic activity, should be a result of the same reactions.
Nessan claims that Luther's theology not only operates dialectically regarding two uses of the law, but functions analogously according to two uses of righteousness (civil and alien), two uses of reason (as gift and harlot), two uses of the will (free regarding creation and in bondage unto salvation), and two uses of works (for the neighbor and works righteousness).
Even the inscrutable hieratic gestures (Buddhist, I'm told) seemed to match something analogously inscrutable in Wagner.
1] on AB analogously, using the excircles opposite B and C, respectively.
Analogously, the role of Narcotics Anonymous is to help people stop using drugs (such as cannabis, cocaine, and opiates), and nicotine has not traditionally been labeled as a "street" or "illicit" drug.
Analogously, Daniel and Claire Hammond recount the unease and eventual failure of the Mont Pelerin Society to accommodate religion in its program of resistance to political and economic collectivism.
Analogously to previous, roughness of physical system in the case of (7) can be modeled if instead of n [right arrow] [infinity] will be used condition n [right arrow] N, where N is quite large, but finite natural number.