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It was our first experience doing analogue recording which was great fun.
Studio Two is known by staff as the "Stimela Studio", retaining an analogue recording system that is particularly appreciated by traditional musicians for the "warmth" of its sound.
This was found at Keyclub Recording Co, a remote analogue recording studio in Michigan.
As ever, their dedication to analogue recording equipment lends their music a genuine old-time sound, and the absence of cover versions and abundance of self-penned stand-out tracks, such as messing With My Life, show that their music-making isn't just a phase.
The company already supplies most police forces with its analogue recording equipment for suspect and witness interviews.
When setting an analogue recording device (VCR) to a digital box, it is just a question of plugging in two scart leads provided with the box.
In true awkward form, Kim insisted on analogue recording and the result is a raw, splintered album.
Handily, it also offers dual connectivity, with traditional XLR as well as USB co record zeromon USB connections for analogue recording. There's also zero-latency headphone monitoring via a built-in stereo headset jack.
Produced, written, recorded and engineered by Seasick Steve, with the assistance of engineer Roy Williams, Man From Another Time is a resolutely organic album that eschews modern studio trickery in favour of the warm style of "live" analogue recording.
However, the old-style tape machines Embrace used at HD1 are still there, for fans of analogue recording.
Can you imagine how difficult it is going to be for most consumers to set an analogue recording device to work via a digital box?