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n. Chemistry
A substance or sample being analyzed, usually by means of a laboratory procedure or test.

[From analysis, probably on the model of such pairs as electrolysis, electrolyte.]
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a substance or sample being analysed
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As the analyte stability is more often compatible with the time taken to transport the sample from the spot of collection to the lab.
Diagnostic services company Analyte Health stated on Thursday that it will introduce innovative diagnostic tests to qualified patients under its partnership with IQuity Inc.
The UrMG (Section 3.4) defines grouped analytes as "two or more analytes that are in the same drug class and have the same initial test cutoff." The laboratory must calibrate the immunoassay with the analyte identified by the kit manufacturer as the target analyte.
In the FTIR measurements, a small fraction of the stationary phase in the column purchased was sampled and immersed in the mobile phase containing the analyte and then collected, pelleted with KBr after being washed with purified water, and dried.
A full method validation of the assay for the analyte determination in rat plasma was performed according to the China Food and Drug Administration guidelines for the preclinical pharmacokinetic study with respect to selectivity, linearity, precision, accuracy, recovery, matrix effect, stability, and dilution integrity [11].
Individual stock solutions of 100 [micro]g x [mL.sup.-1] of each analyte were prepared in methanol (Sigma-Aldrich).
Chicago, IL, December 02, 2017 --( Analyte Health, the leading platform connecting patients to diagnostic services, announced today that it is expanding access to lab offerings through a new brand, Health Test Express.
Therefore 540 values of each level of control were available to calculate the imprecision from intra-laboratory QC data for each analyte. Similarly, from inter-laboratory QC data total 12 values were available for each analyte from 12 samples over a period of six months, as laboratory is participating in external QC programme (Randox international quality assessment scheme, Randox Laboratories, United Kingdom), fortnightly.
The CLSI guideline states that an IFU should document the concentrations of both hemoglobin and analyte tested, as well as the bias observed.
The flow rate of sample and elution solution flow through the resin assume great importance in extraction efficiency as depending on the flow rate applied to the system more or less retention of the analytes in the resin can occur due to the time available for the establishment of the balance between resin and analyte.
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