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tr.v. an·a·lyzed, an·a·lyz·ing, an·a·lyz·es
1. To examine methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations.
2. Chemistry To make a chemical analysis of.
3. Mathematics To make a mathematical analysis of.
4. To psychoanalyze.

[Perhaps from French analyser, from analyse, analysis, from Greek analusis; see analysis.]

an′a·lyz′a·ble adj.
an′a·ly·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
an′a·lyz′er n.
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Noun1.analyzer - an instrument that performs analysesanalyzer - an instrument that performs analyses
instrument - a device that requires skill for proper use
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n analizador m
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are profiled in the report as key players of global biochemistry analyzer market.
Each type of analyzer possesses different operational and economic characteristics:
The Precision Current-Voltage Analyzer Series makes accurate and efficient current-voltage measurements that provide clear insight into the characteristics of a wide range of materials and devices.
EE's electronic test instrument coverage achieved critical mass in the mid-1980s, including a spectrum analyzer story in the August 1986 issue and subsequent August issues into the 1990s and beyond.
Tiger Optics LLC offers the Tiger-i analyzer line, which measures key analytes in ambient air samples.
Thermo Electron Corp., based in Billerica, Mass., has announced the release of its new Niton XLt 797X XRF analyzer that offers small-spot focus capability.
Roper Industries' Petroleum Analyzer Company (PAC), which includes the PetroSpec, ISL and Herzog product lines, is the leading vendor in the distillation analyzer market.
Deep Software has introduced Deep Log Analyzer new version 2.6, full-featured web analytics and web site statistics software.
The right toolset for traversing all layers of SAS or SATA includes tools for analog debug such as an oscilloscope, and tools for digital debug such as a protocol analyzer. It can also be useful to have SAS/SATA traffic generators that allow the user to take full control over the protocol and verify that the host or device can handle various exception conditions.
Platform Computing has announced the availability of two new Performance Management solutions, Platform Analyzer and Platform Explorer, designed to improve the ROI and productivity of distributed and Grid computing architectures.
(NYSE:HIT) have introduced the new ABI PRISM 3100 Genetic Analyzer, a significant expansion of PE Biosystems pioneering family of genetic analysis systems which has made it possible to sequence the human genome.
(currently in the process of selling its instruments group to a management group), used PittCon to introduce its TGA 2950 thermogravimetric analyzer, the successor to the company's TGA 951.