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tr.v. an·a·lyzed, an·a·lyz·ing, an·a·lyz·es
1. To examine methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations.
2. Chemistry To make a chemical analysis of.
3. Mathematics To make a mathematical analysis of.
4. To psychoanalyze.

[Perhaps from French analyser, from analyse, analysis, from Greek analusis; see analysis.]

an′a·lyz′a·ble adj.
an′a·ly·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
an′a·lyz′er n.
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Noun1.analyzer - an instrument that performs analysesanalyzer - an instrument that performs analyses
instrument - a device that requires skill for proper use


n analizador m
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has announced the release of its new Niton XLt 797X XRF analyzer that offers small-spot focus capability.
Deep Software has introduced Deep Log Analyzer new version 2.
Platform Computing has announced the availability of two new Performance Management solutions, Platform Analyzer and Platform Explorer, designed to improve the ROI and productivity of distributed and Grid computing architectures.
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a Massachusetts based strategic product development firm, designed Thermo's award-winning portable XRF analyzer line.
This premier-performance network analyzer offers a unique single-connection solution for two-tone and swept LO measurements, featuring an integrated second source and signal combining network.
Most analyzer companies offer some kind of initial training with additional on-site training at an additional cost, according to Stuart Freilich of Universal Metal Corp.
The CrossBelt Recycled Metal Analyzer from Thermo Gamm-Metrics, which is distributed by Gamma-Tech LLC of Cincinnati, is one such instrument.
ClearSight Networks, a worldwide provider of award-winning application and network analysis tools for next-generation networks, today announced the availability of ClearSight Analyzer (CSA) 6.
Integrated Analyzer: An analyzer that integrates one or more analytical techniques into a single analyzer unit; most commonly used to refer to integrated clinical chemistry and immunochemistry analyzers.