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n. pl. an·a·mor·pho·ses (-sēz′)
a. An image that appears distorted unless it is viewed from a special angle or with a special instrument.
b. The production of such an image.
2. Evolutionary increase in complexity of form and function.

[New Latin anamorphōsis, from Late Greek anamorphoun, to transform : Greek ana-, ana- + Greek morphē, shape.]
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(ˌænəˈmɔːfəsɪs; -mɔːˈfəʊsɪs)
n, pl -ses (-ˌsiːz)
1. (General Physics) optics
a. an image or drawing distorted in such a way that it becomes recognizable only when viewed in a specified manner or through a special device
b. the process by which such images or drawings are produced
2. (Biology) the evolution of one type of organism from another by a series of gradual changes
[C18: from Greek, from anamorphoun to transform, from morphē form, shape]
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(ˌæn əˈmɔr fə sɪs, -mɔrˈfoʊ sɪs)

n., pl. -ses (-ˌsiz, -siz)
1. a drawing presenting a distorted image that appears in natural form under certain conditions, as when reflected from a curved mirror.
2. the gradual change in form from one type to another during the evolution of a group of organisms.
[1720–30; < Greek, <anamorphō–, variant s. of anamorphoun to transform (see ana-, morpho-)]
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an abnormal change in the form of a plant that falsely gives it the appearance of a different species. — anamorphic, adj.
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Noun1.anamorphosis - the evolution of one type of organism from another by a long series of gradual changes
organic evolution, phylogenesis, phylogeny, evolution - (biology) the sequence of events involved in the evolutionary development of a species or taxonomic group of organisms
2.anamorphosis - a distorted projection or perspectiveanamorphosis - a distorted projection or perspective; especially an image distorted in such a way that it becomes visible only when viewed in a special manner
copy - a thing made to be similar or identical to another thing; "she made a copy of the designer dress"; "the clone was a copy of its ancestor"
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Among their topics are posthuman from the beginning: how animal stories for children shape the anthropocentric worldview, from a dog's eye view: negotiating anthropomorphism and anamorphosis in Eva Hornung's Dog Boy (2009) and John Berger's King: A Street Story (1999), and critical posthumanism and cloning in Kauo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go and Caryl Churchill's A Number.
(A)wry Views: Anamorphosis, Cervantes, and the Early Picaresque.
There were not perfect platonic orbits around the sun anymore, circles dissolved: everything elongated, everything got deformed as if following the elasticity of an anamorphosis so as to comply with the monstrous course of the ellipse--or with the course of its rhetorical double, the ellipsis that was giving way to illegible alembicated poems ...
Empler, Tommaso (2017), "Anamorphosis and Contemporaneity", The Design Jornal.
Art history regularly yields works that are worlds unto themselves, that demand time of the viewer and can only be understood properly from an oblique perspective, from a precise viewpoint, performing something like a temporal rather than a spatial anamorphosis. Among these is Fabien Giraud and Raphael Siboni's series "The Unnamed," 2014-, an epic tracing the world's gradual algorithmization, which debuted at the Casino Luxembourg in January and will subsequently travel to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the Fondation d'Entreprise Ricard in Paris, the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart, Tasmania; and the Galerie de l'Universite du Quebec a Montreal.
He refers to his process of creation as "pareidolic anamorphosis" or "anamorphic pareidolia."
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Using the principle of anamorphosis, they would create two-tone images based on photographs of the subjects.
One of the author's methods--the anamorphosis technique--requires the viewer to use a specific vantage point.