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 (ăn-ăf′rə-dē′zē-ə, -zhē-ə, -dĭz′ē-ə)
Decline or absence of sexual desire.

[Greek anaphrodīsiā, want of power to inspire love : an-, without; see a-1 + aphrodīsia, sexual pleasures; see aphrodisiac.]

an·aph′ro·dis′i·ac′ (ăn-ăf′rə-dē′zē-ăk′) adj. & n.


(Medicine) tending to lessen sexual desire
(Pharmacology) an anaphrodisiac drug
ˌanaphroˈdisia n
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Adj.1.anaphrodisiac - tending to diminish sexual desireanaphrodisiac - tending to diminish sexual desire  
aphrodisiac, aphrodisiacal, sexy - exciting sexual desire
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Many politicians, used to privilege and power, can't let go if they lose an election, it is almost always because they were "cheated." Political power is anaphrodisiac, an addiction, so they cling to it to their dying day.
In layman's terms, chemical castration is the use of "anaphrodisiac" drugs to cause impotence and reduce both sex drive and compulsive sexual fantasises.