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 (ăn-är′kĭk) or an·ar·chi·cal (-kĭ-kəl)
a. Of, like, or supporting anarchy: anarchic oratory.
b. Likely to produce or result in anarchy.
2. Lacking order or control: an anarchic state of affairs in the office; an anarchic mobile sculpture.

an·ar′chi·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.anarchical - without law or controlanarchical - without law or control; "the system is economically inefficient and politically anarchic"
uncontrolled - not being under control; out of control; "the greatest uncontrolled health problem is AIDS"; "uncontrolled growth"
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[æˈnɑːkɪkl] anarchic [æˈnɑːkɪk] adjanarchico/a
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Immoral, licentious, anarchical, unscientific -- call them by what names you will -- yet, from an aesthetic point of view, those ancient days of the Colour Revolt were the glorious childhood of Art in Flatland -- a childhood, alas, that never ripened into manhood, nor even reached the blossom of youth.
One can distinguish on its ruins three sorts of lesions, all three of which cut into it at different depths; first, time, which has insensibly notched its surface here and there, and gnawed it everywhere; next, political and religious revolution, which, blind and wrathful by nature, have flung themselves tumultuously upon it, torn its rich garment of carving and sculpture, burst its rose windows, broken its necklace of arabesques and tiny figures, torn out its statues, sometimes because of their mitres, sometimes because of their crowns; lastly, fashions, even more grotesque and foolish, which, since the anarchical and splendid deviations of the Renaissance, have followed each other in the necessary decadence of architecture.
"It is in the interest of the county government of Murang'a to have the matter religiously expedited to a logical conclusion to avert a looming anarchical precedence," the letter dated August 9 reads.The DPP, through Senior Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Sebastian Mutinda, on July 31 directed that Mr Ng'ang'a and Mr Patrick Wanjohi be charged with forgery.
The country's biggest carnival is outrageously funny, creative, musical and anarchical. Processions turn one of Europe's best preserved historic centres into a sea of illuminated, hand-painted lanterns, when thousands of costumed drummers and piccolo players march through the streets.
This barbarous act was not an arbitrary step taken by Dyer, he was within his right to do so, under the notorious Anarchical and Revolutionary Crimes Act of 1919, also called the Rowlatt Act, a legislation that sanctioned the use of emergency measures for indefinite detention, incarceration without trial and judicial review.
He compared and contrasted the 'Democracy of Europe' and 'Democracy of Islam'-the former 'overshadowed by socialist agitation and anarchical fear' and the later as 'a spiritual principle'.
In March 1919, the British colonial government passed the Anarchical and Revolutionary Crimes Act, or the Rowlatt Act, extending repressive measures in force during World War I (1914-18).These included incarceration without trial, and caused widespread anger, particularly in the northern Punjab region, with Mahatma Gandhi calling for a nationwide general strike.
Modern art, including literature, has become anarchical.
He pointed out that the government considered the Sagay incident, which was linked to the destabilization plot of communist rebels, as an "anarchical activity" and "threat to national security."
At a National Security Council (NSC) meeting in Cebu on Tuesday, the President ordered the national task force created to end the rebellion and 'anarchical activities' of communist rebels.
Panelo said Duterte discussed the "recent anarchical activities" of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People's Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF).
In the context of international relations (IR) theory, Throntveit pushes against positivist-realist, neorealist, and neoliberal renditions of Wilson as a Utopian oblivious to the anarchical nature of the international system dooming individual states to the security dilemma, limiting their cooperation, and dictating that they pursue national interests defined in terms of power.