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 (ăn-är′kĭk) or an·ar·chi·cal (-kĭ-kəl)
a. Of, like, or supporting anarchy: anarchic oratory.
b. Likely to produce or result in anarchy.
2. Lacking order or control: an anarchic state of affairs in the office; an anarchic mobile sculpture.

an·ar′chi·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.anarchically - in a lawless rebellious manneranarchically - in a lawless rebellious manner  
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To mark the move to Fearon Hall, Charnwood Arts is organising a special concert on Saturday, February 23, which will feature award-winning band PsychicBread, led by the poet and anarchically evocative storyteller Mark Gwynne Jones.
With progesterone deficiency, the uterine body and tubes contract too frequently and anarchically so that islets of endometrium detach from the inner wall of the uterus, penetrate the fallopian tubes, and from there enter into the abdomen and implant themselves in places where they do not belong.
case by a state that operates anarchically. I am sympathetic to their
It seemed to me that while the staffer, given his employer's nature, could only get promoted for going viral, his moment was almost anarchically sensible.
The Tunisian citizen suffers from an excessive rise in prices, explained mainly by a leak in the distribution channels, especially since only 40% of goods are sold to the wholesale market and the rest is distributed anarchically.
Cerveris recently concluded an arc on 'Gotham' as the villainous Professor Pyg, who anarchically serves up his victims as"people pies." He also played a more comically inclined scoundrel, Ramses IV, leader of the Pyramid Gang, on 'The Tick' in the first season of the new Amazon series.
On their ( website , they gave themselves the descriptor of "an internet gathering." Formed in 2003, Anonymous projects the idea of internet users who are connected not just by technology but also a collective passion to protest against governmental actions they think are detrimental to freedom- sometimes even anarchically.
Histologically, the tumor is formed by smooth muscle fibers, anarchically arranged in mass of stromal connective tissue.
Paradoxically, the more one does as invited and pulls and re-pulls such a tab, the more childishly and anarchically playful one becomes (although, of course, only so long as one does not rip the tab).
Anarchic Society Optimization [22] is inspired by the social group in which members behave anarchically to improve their situation.