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[ˌænəkəʊˈsɪndɪkəlɪzəm] Nanarco-, anarcosindicalismo m
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Malatesta also reacted to the emergence of anarcho-syndicalism, and though he was initially wary of trade unions and regarded 'an authentic general strike as unachievable' (p107), he was tentatively supportive, recognising that '[w]hatever may be the practical results of [economic] struggle .
Anarcho-syndicalism puts emphasis on organizing labor unions which could, through direct action, seize control of industry and administration.
But one of the most interesting aspects of this was that many of the same people who were making these arguments were also talking about the need to go back to the original inspirations of New Labour--the early radicalism, idealism and optimism--the influence of guild socialism, the New Left and the co-operative movement, even (by some accounts) anarcho-syndicalism.
Old-school Catalan radicalism took the form of classical anarcho-syndicalism based on workers' direct control of production and various anarchist (the FAI) and independent Marxist political groupings (the POUM).
While the Occupiers in Canada and the US may not form the next government, their open and consultative organizational style offered us a useful lesson in genuine participatory democracy, sometimes called anarcho-syndicalism.
Specific chapters explore methodologies of insurrection in art history, participant observation, postanarchism, social ecology, anarchist anthropology, genders and sexualities, literature under the anarchist lens, race as a factor in anarchist research and organizing, Spanish-speaking anarcho-syndicalism, anarchism in the People's Republic of China, and more.
The work of Georges Sorel (1847-1922), a French theorist of anarcho-syndicalism, is important for the proper understanding of our second paradox.
The author describes how, in subsequent years, many Anarchists threw their energies into unions and Anarcho-Syndicalism, and made tangible gains.
By the time the migrants arrived in Australia they were highly politically literate, and had been exposed to anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism, socialism and a variety of millenarian social protest movements.
2) Others looked to anarchism and anarcho-syndicalism to justify their methods; and all made reference to the struggles for national liberation so resonant of the time.
Many of the guild's leaders were influenced by anarcho-syndicalism, and the guild can be considered as one of the first Chinese labor organizations influenced by Western political ideology.
Jon Bekken, Anarcho-syndicalism and the environmental movement, Libertarian labor review, Issue 6, Winter 1989, pp.