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 (ăn′ə-tŏm′ĭ-kəl) also an·a·tom·ic (-tŏm′ĭk)
1. Concerned with anatomy.
2. Concerned with dissection.
3. Related to the structure of an organism.

an′a·tom′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.anatomic - of or relating to the structure of the bodyanatomic - of or relating to the structure of the body; "anatomical features"
2.anatomic - of or relating to the branch of morphology that studies the structure of organismsanatomic - of or relating to the branch of morphology that studies the structure of organisms; "anatomical research"
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, anatomical
a. anatómico-a, rel. a la anatomía.
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Numerous studies confirmed that anatomic singlebundle ACL reconstruction could often achieve comparatively ideal anteroposterior stability after ACL rupture.
Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Board Review (online access included)
Posterior denture teeth with different occlusal shapes are used in routine dental practice, such as anatomic, semi-anatomic and non-anatomic.
PATHPrimer draws upon the knowledge and expertise of thought leaders in pathology to deliver the most comprehensive anatomic pathology curriculum available.
The incidence of anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty (aTSA) performed in the USA is rapidly increasing.
The main outcome was anatomic success, defined as complete retinal reattachment at four months follow up.
The endpoints of the trial include functional and anatomic outcome parameters.
Investigations of anatomic pathology inter-observer variability and secondary review methods to detect error have not shown that there has been a significant decrease in error rates since the Institute of Medicine (IOM) seminal report in the 1990s.
During this year's annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in New Orleans, La., DePuy Synthes' Joint Reconstruction unit unveiled two new technologies for its Attune Knee System--the Attune Rotating Platform Knee and the Anatomic Patella.
[21] in their review of anatomic reduction in articular fractures had found little correlation between functional outcome and anatomical reduction.
Thus ACTINIUM gives rise to ANATOMIC, but not to MONOTONIC.
Strakowski (physical medicine and rehabilitation, Ohio State U.) demonstrates the value of combining the functional information gained from clinical and electrophysiological assessment, with the anatomic correlation available using ultrasound, to understand the anatomic characteristics of peripheral nerves and their surroundings in both normal situations and focused vulnerabilities.