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Noun1.anatomical reference - an expression that relates to anatomy
locution, saying, expression - a word or phrase that particular people use in particular situations; "pardon the expression"
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Of the slightest anatomical reference he became particularly shy, and, if he saw a bone ahead, would go any distance out of his way rather than mention it by name.
The uniqueness of this equipment is combination of computed tomography for small animals and True 3D optical tomography which allows us to observe anatomical reference of the animal and processes that take place at molecular level on the combined image," said Jurijs Dmitrijevs, specialist of GenMedica Baltic Ltd.
Although anatomical reference points for BUS and CXR determination of ETT positioning are not comparable, BUS was found to be an easy, feasible alternative method to determine the optimal position of ETTs in the trachea of neonates when using relevant surface anatomical reference points.
The PCF website also offers information on forensic art--facial reconstruction--as well as anatomical reference casts and more.
The second book provides an anatomical reference manual of such beasts.
For example, this month he had an imaginative anatomical reference, which I removed.
Using a reference tooth: In the reference condition, each one of the same professionals received other four models, which were identical to those used in the initial condition, and an artificial upper left canine with no preparation (control), to be used as an anatomical reference for the confection of the laminate veneer.
Bronzino et al, 2000) makes the gait evaluation by comparing the technical reference system attached to a cluster with 3 markers, with an anatomical reference system with z axis along each foot bone.
An anatomical reference is provided in the appendix, along with the current TNM classifications for head and neck carcinomas.
Landmarks are placed at anatomical reference points on the image, derived points are created from those using an input algorithm, and measurements are made of distances and angles between all those points.
The software provides access to the American Hospital Association's (AHA) Coding Clinic for ICD-9-CM, the American Medical Association's CPT Assistant, Clinical Pharmacology, Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary, and An Anatomical Reference.
The anatomical reference is one also used by Forest manager Dave Bassett after ex-Celt Pierre van Hooijdonk's infamous walk-out.

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