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tr.v. a·nat·o·mized, a·nat·o·miz·ing, a·nat·o·miz·es
1. To dissect (an animal or other organism) to study the structure and relation of the parts.
2. To analyze (something) in minute detail.

a·nat′o·mi·za′tion (-mĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Evaluation of the Initiatives taken during Musharraf Era and an anatomization of the performance of women parliamentarians of Lahore District in Punjab Assembly
Anatomization emerges as an epistemological approach that directs attention away from teleological concerns--which of the faculties is best or highest--towards an appreciation of the equal essentiality of the souls different parts.
The bodies behind the painted eyes, however, receive less attention in contemporary criticism, yet Field's careful anatomization of bodies in the poems suggests that they might warrant a closer look.
Anatomization [4] is a technique that releases the data on quasi-identifier and data on the sensitive attribute in two separate tables.
Literature, English, cultural studies, film studies, gender studies, and other scholars from North America discuss technologies, disability, and cultural production, focusing on life-size dolls in contemporary art films, the prioritizing of death as a logical outcome in biopics of disability, and the online anatomization of an amnesiac's brain; the body politics of obesity in the film Precious, life with mechanical ventilation, and image-making by people with intellectual disabilities; the British web-based RTV program The Specials, intellectual disability, and gender and sexual transgression; and feature films and the ethics of organ transplantation.
Marsyas may be a martyr for a cause, albeit often deemed hubristic, yet his anatomization by the god of rationality and light must have been sensed, as it was in the Renaissance, (30) as more germane to artists' and anatomists' aspirations to fame than Arachne's unflattering tapestry of the divine/ masculine aggressive performance of power could ever be.
Consequently, Olympics and Paralympics Games 2012 have provided a good and noteworthy occasion for more analysis and anatomization in this respect.
Another little clutch of irritation occurs on pages 171 ("Ave Marie [sic] bells") and 173, in a disquisition on Jewish burials in Padua, where we learn that the students' attempt at pilfering Jewish corpses for anatomization was foiled by "citizens appalled at the sacrilege," a significant and well-noted point, but characteristically observed rather than followed through (that is, the reasons for such a response need specifying as opposed to noting the response itself).
In addition to novels by Woolf, Sylvia Townsend Warner, Jack Lindsay, Rose Macaulay, and Vera Brittain, Gyorgy Lukacs's The Historical Novel appeared in 1937, providing what remains the most thorough and most cited anatomization of the genre.
"Radio Israel" quoted Israeli medical sources which said that the post-mortem anatomization of the infant revealed that he was infected with swine flue viral disease .
In Italy, no matter whether predominantly top-down or bottom-up, most of the initiatives started or resulted as a consequence of a territorial anatomization meant to enhance the cultural potential.