ancestor worship

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an′cestor wor`ship

(in certain societies) the veneration of ancestors whose spirits are frequently held to possess the power to influence the affairs of the living.
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Noun1.ancestor worship - worship of ancestorsancestor worship - worship of ancestors      
worship - the activity of worshipping
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Nor is this strange in a race whose religion includes ancestor worship, and where families trace their origin back into remote ages and a jeddak sits upon the same throne that his direct progenitors have occupied for, perhaps, hundreds of thousands of years, and rules the descendants of the same people that his forebears ruled.
The Kim cult owes something to Stalinism, something to messianic Christianity, something to Confucian ancestor worship, something to indigenous shamanism, and something to the emperor worship of the Japanese, who ruled Korea in the first half of the 20th century.
Therefore, whatever the origin, the original Tujia Waving Dance is a set of song, dance, sorcery (worship) and a body, is a product of multi culture fusion, "Tujia ancestors in" totem worship "and" ancestor worship "and" soil Wang Chongbai "and waving worship and other activities, are strongly show to the ancestor worship and admiration.
The innovative institutional embodiment of a local concept of solidarity rooted in traditional ancestor worship (fihavanana) and popular justice movements led by charismatic personalities were amongst the most important in paving the way for conflict resolution and a new beginning for Madagascar.
Specific topics include rethinking Vietnamese women's property rights and the role of ancestor worship in premodern society: beyond the dichotomies, divorce prevalence under the forces of individualism and collectivism in "shortcut" modernity in Vietnam, living in intimacy: a case study of women's community at a Caodaist temple in Hanoi, and Marianism in the transnational public sphere between Vietnamese Catholics in the US and Vietnam.
The Guardian gives the production a 2-out-of-5 rating, saying: "This is a good-natured, well-meaning but pointless kind of Brit-comedy ancestor worship, paying elaborate homage to a TV show that got it right the first time.
Tet is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture, marking the arrival of Spring as the Vietnamese practice an array of customs including cooking special food, ancestor worship and giving lucky money to children and the elderly.
Some argued ancestor worship is not really worship but merely saluting the dead; therefore, can we not bring it into harmony with Christian faith?
Feeding the Dead: Ancestor Worship in Ancient India.
Next she relates the specific Sih ancestor worship, with temples, altars, and artefacts still kept and venerated in Semarang and China.
At that time, local Catholics had to deny themselves ancestor worship, an unbroken tradition of moral standards in Asian nations.