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 (än′chō′, ăn′-)
n. pl. an·chos
A dried poblano pepper.

[American Spanish (chile) ancho, wide (chili), from Spanish, from Old Spanish, from Latin amplus; see ample.]


(ˈæntʃəʊ; ˈɑːntʃəʊ)
n, pl anchos
a Poblano chilli pepper that has been dried and turned a dark-red or black colour
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Perfect for chilli |enthusiasts, the Delifonseca Chilli Lovers Hamper contains not just the expected hot sauces but crazy products such as liquorice & chilli gummy bears, chilli bacon jam, chilli pork scratchings, habernero & sweet ancho chilli chocolate and even chilli beer by Liverpool's most crazy brewery.
Named for Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, this restaurant keeps her spirit of art and expression alive with its handmade tortillas and dishes like New York Steak served with a tamarind ancho chilli glaze and Camarones Diego served with a cactus salad.
The pot was a cup of fine melted chocolate flavoured with cinnamon and Mexican ancho chilli and served with lime shortbread.
Take 300ml Oatly Healthy Oat Chocolate, a pinch of ground cinnamon and some grains of ground ancho chilli (a mild chilli with full flavour).
My passion is creating intriguing, delectable chocolates and our ancho chilli jewel is one of our more provocative delights," said Tracey Downey, Xan's chocolatier and director of research and development.
Mine should have come with spicy Ancho chilli yoghurt dressing, but as I have an aversion to yoghurt I traded for one of their other complimentary house sauces, the FSK tiger sauce (spicy horseradish and mayo).
Mix the two together thoroughly and stir in the ancho chilli.