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Noun1.anchor chain - the chain or rope that attaches an anchor to a vesselanchor chain - the chain or rope that attaches an anchor to a vessel
chain - a series of (usually metal) rings or links fitted into one another to make a flexible ligament
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For a moment it seemed that she should miss her goal by but a few feet, but at the last moment the canoe swung close beneath the steamer's bow and Jane barely managed to grasp the anchor chain.
To release her hold upon the chain and chance clambering to the ladder as her canoe was swept beneath it seemed beyond the pale of possibility, yet to remain clinging to the anchor chain appeared equally as futile.
The man dodged and ducked, and Victor broke all the knuckles of both his fists against the huge links of the anchor chain. By the time we dragged him out of that, his madness had shifted to the belief that he was a great swimmer, and the next moment he was overboard and demonstrating his ability by floundering like a sick porpoise and swallowing much salt water.
But I decided to know positively, and at once, so, with the greatest caution, I commenced to climb slowly up the anchor chain toward the deck above me.
When the fore and main were up, I told him to knock the shackle out of the anchor chain and let her go.
As she crossed the deck she noticed that the ship was ready to sail, and even as she descended the companionway she heard the rattle of the anchor chain about the capstan.
Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard that Young, of Riverside Drive, Stonehaven, accepted contracts with other companies for high quantities of anchor chain, which he then sold to help save his own struggling business.
According to Herme?s, he 'cut the iconic Anchor Chain motif in two and dared to combine shapes - a square embedded in a rectangle, magnified by a double tour strap that gives the watch an additional touch of originality and boldness.'
The wreck is facing west, indicating that the turn may have been successful--until the anchor chain broke.
But a relieved Mick sent a photo of a freed anchor chain - jokingly captioned "Best Picture of 2011" - to the Gazette as the ship prepared to head out of Hachinohe.
The oil rig support ship was pulling a heavy anchor chain which suddenly slid across the deck and dragged it over in the Chevron field.