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common alkanet and common bugloss (both naming Anchusa officinalis).
Size-dependent pollination efficiency in Anchusa officinalis (Boraginaceae): causes and consequences.
We've got bare-rooted verbascums and anchusa to go into the garden now that can be raided for material and Crambe cordifolia and a few oriental poppies in the ground which should yield some good material.
Omur Demirezer, "Investigation on anti-inflammatory and antiulcer activities of Anchusa azurea extracts and their major constituent rosmarinic acid," Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung C: Journal of Biosciences, vol.
COMMON BUGLOSS (or alkanet anchusa officinalis) THE last 10 days have seen me undertake an adventurous trek - around the courtyard gardens of Marrakech, on a train past the arid plains to Tangiers, by boat to view the coast of Spain, stopping off briefly to appreciate summer in Manchester and Wicklow.
It likes to be in full sunshine but will tolerate partial shade and isn't fussy about soil - you're COMMON BUGLOSS OR ALKANET Anchusa officinalis better off not feeding it as it's used to poor soil.
DON'T BE SCARED OF COLOUR SERENA FREMANTLE and Tina Vallis used a glorious mix of easyto-grow old favourites - including orange Geum, deep blue Anchusa and the purple thistle Cirsium rivulare - to create lively bursts of colour in a gorgeous, old-fashioned, cottagestyle Garden for Future Climate Info.
One eye-catching combination was Anchusa "Loddon Royalist", with ultramarine flowers, mingling with handsome umbel, Melanoselinum decipiens.
Aristolochia ceae Aristolochia Bottae-jaub & spach Boraginaceae Anchusa italic retz " " Anchusa cf.