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 (ăn′sə-lō-stō-mī′ə-sĭs, ăng′kə-lō-)
[New Latin Ancylostoma, hookworm genus (Greek ankulos, curved + Greek stoma, mouth) + -iasis.]
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(ˌænsɪˌlɒstəˈmaɪəsɪs) ,




(Pathology) infestation of the human intestine with blood-sucking hookworms, causing progressive anaemia. Also called: hookworm disease
[from New Latin, from Ancylostoma genus of hookworms, from Greek ankulos hooked, crooked + stoma mouth]
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n anquilostomiasis f
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Ancylostomiasis is not endemic to the country and is without local transmission.
Ashford's group preferred the term "uncinariasis" to refer to "hookworm disease" (U.S.) or "ancylostomiasis" (Old World), in recognition to the identification of a New World species (which sets forth the precedent dispute of past and present times).
This report highlights the risk for zoonotic ancylostomiasis in travelers visiting countries to which A.