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A hard, grayish white to pinkish brown mineral (Al2SiO5), occurring as nearly square prisms, often with cruciform cross sections, in metamorphic rock.

[After Andalusia.]
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(Minerals) a grey, pink, or brown hard mineral consisting of aluminium silicate in orthorhombic crystalline form. It occurs in metamorphic rocks and is used as a refractory and as a gemstone. Formula: Al2SiO5
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(ˌæn dlˈu saɪt)

an orthorhombic form of aluminum silicate, Al2SiO5, found in schistose rocks.
[1830–40; after Andalusia, where it was first found; see -ite1]
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* the Bushveld Complex is known for platinum group metals (PGMs) (with associated copper, nickel and cobalt mineralisation), chromium and vanadium-bearing titanium-iron ore formations and industrial minerals, including fluorspar and andalusite
He's drawn on the inside and this race ought to set up nicely with confirmed front-runner Andalusite in opposition.
Large metamorphic minerals (e.g., porphyroblasts such as biotite, garnet, andalusite and staurolite) that contain passive inclusions are extraordinarily important because they are utilized in assessing the tectonic, metamorphic, and structural history of the mid- to deep-crustal levels of orogenic belts.
The major crystalline phases observed in Huayacocotla samples were andalusite ([Al.sub.2]Si[O.sub.5]), kaolinite ([Al.sub.2][Si.sub.2][O.sub.5][(OH).sub.4]), and cristobalite (Si[O.sub.2]), and the major crystalline phases in Alumbres were quartz (Si[O.sub.2]) and andalusite.
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The rocks that host the Jiajika granite underwent multistage metamorphism during magmatism, which led to the development of the five distinct metamorphic zones that surround the granite (from inner to outer): diopside, staurolite, andalusite-staurolite, andalusite, and biotite zones.
A high temperature-low pressure metamorphic assemblage of biotite, andalusite, staurolite, garnet, muscovite, and quartz is developed in the sedimentary rocks up to 500 m from the granite (Ruitenberg 1967; Fyffe et al.
Other minerals include muscovite, biotite, sericite, tourmaline, andalusite, garnet, epidote, apatite and some accessory opaque minerals.
From the whole story of polymetamorphism it seems that kyanite belongs to the early events with deformation and andalusite and sillimanite (fibrolite) to the late (contact) metamorphism.