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 (än′dän-tē′nō, ăn′dăn-) Music
adv. & adj.
In a tempo variously construed as slightly faster or slower than andante. Used chiefly as a direction.
n. pl. an·dan·ti·nos
An andantino passage or movement.

[Italian, diminutive of andante, andante; see andante.]
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(ˌændænˈtiːnəʊ) music
adj, adv
(Classical Music) (to be performed) slightly faster, or slightly more slowly, than andante
n, pl -nos
(Classical Music) a passage or piece to be performed in this manner
[C19: diminutive of andante]
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(ˌɑn dɑnˈti noʊ, ˌæn dæn-)

adj., adv., n., pl. -nos, -ni (-ni) Music. adj., adv.
1. slightly faster than andante.
2. an andantino movement or piece.
[1810–20; < Italian, andant(e) andante]
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Adj.1.andantino - (of tempo) moderately fastandantino - (of tempo) moderately fast    
fast - at a rapid tempo; "the band played a fast fox trot"
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This melodic outline of a descending fifth, first referred to by Schumann as "an Andantino by Clara Wieck" in the third movement of his Op.
The stormy Allegro non troppo movement grabbed one's attention, but it was in the contrasting central Andantino quasi allegretto movement that we were back in fairy-tale land as the soloist sings a soothing barcarolle over gentle string accompaniment.
4, movement II: Andantino", "Fantasie, Anton Bruckner WAB 118", "Lonesome Road" *, "Beethoven Sonatina, Ludwig Van Beethoven" "Afternoon Waltz" *, "Let It Flow" *, "Now and Forever" *, "Autumn Afternoon Homecoming" *, "Kleine Studie, Robert Schumann Opus 68, No.
5 unfold in an almost intuitive fashion, allowing space for important solos - Oliver Janes' dark opening clarinet, Elspeth Dutch's mellow horn in the Andantino - to blossom.
Assim, e possivel pensar que as indicacoes de andamento/carater para cada peca (Moderatto, Alegretto, Andante, Allegro ma non troppo, Tempo giusto, Andantino e Allegro giocoso) tenham a intencao de apresentar estes termos.
The final version of Paysage sentimental, for instance, is marked "Allegretto ma non troppo," is twelve bars shorter than the Vasnier version (marked "Andantino"), and is transposed downward from F-sharp major to F major.
Programme as follows: JS Bach - Siciliano; Haydn - Four pieces from Musical Clocks; Elgar - Andantino and Maxwell Davies - Farewell to Stromness.
Uma sinergia ainda maior entre informacoes estruturais de imagem e musica tal como proposto por Cohen (2014) pode ser vista numa sequencia inicial de outro filme de Bresson, A grande testemunha (Au hasard Balthazar, 1966), em que os movimentos do balanco em que esta um dos personagens esta quase que "em sincronia" com os tempos fortes da musica (o Andantino da Sonata D959, de Schubert) e com o "balanco" entre harmonias de I e V grau dos compassos (Alvim, 2013).
[A[flat]] major; [E[flat].sub.4]-[F.sub.5]; Tess: M; 6/8, Andantino; V/M, P/M; 2 pages.
The titles alone give a sense of what to expect: Maien-Nacht, Andantino, Melodie, Fantasie, Notturno, Berceuse, Elegie, Romanze, Tyroler Jagdscene, Lied ohne Worte, Moment triste, Gedenkblatt, Nachtstuck, Andante appassionato, Jagers Standchen.
Petrenko showed delicate handling of the looping syncopation in the opening andante, the movement punctuated by a repeated A Flat phrase, while the andantino second movement had a radiance to it - and nicelyexecuted solos from Jonathan Small on oboe and Rebekah Abramski's bassoon.