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tr.v. an·drog·e·nized, an·drog·e·niz·ing, an·drog·e·niz·es
To treat with male hormones, usually in large doses.

an·drog′e·ni·za′tion (-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
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In addition, testosterone production through an alternative pathway catalyzed by other 17-(3-HSD isoenzymes may contribute to the androgenization of these structures.
According to time of presentation of androgenization, CAH can be of classic or non classic type.
Effects of neonatal castration and androgenization on sexual dimorphism in bone, leptin and corticosterone secretion.
Physical examination should include an assessment of androgenization status, external genital exam including palpation of the vas, digital rectal examination, and focused lower-extremity neurologic exam.
On Doping in East Germany, see Werner Franke and Brigitte Berendonk, "Hormonal Doping and Androgenization of Athletes: A Secret Program of the German Democratic Republic Government", Clinical Chemistry 43 (1997): 1262-79.
The authors caution parents around the world: "Even the androgenization of young girls has been, and remains, a documented practice in the sport system of countries outside the GDR and the socialist system.
Reference to the androgenization of the female body by the removal of a major secondary sex characteristic such as the breast, and androgenization enhanced by the defiant display of the body refigured through surgery, provides the opportunity to inquire into the way in which the gaze invited by these photographs is concomitantly restructured.
sepium, commonly termed Chinese silk vine and also, in pinyin, xiangjiapi or gangliupi, has been implicated in two Canadian cases as likely having been subst ituted for eleuthero/'Siberian ginseng': one case was associated with neonatallmaternal androgenization, and the other with interference with digoxin assay, producing apparently elevated digoxin levels (D.