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(Biology) biology producing only male offspring


(ænˈdrɒdʒ ə nəs)

pertaining to the production of or tending to produce male offspring.
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Adj.1.androgenous - of or related to androgenesis
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Oliver Gully was a deliciously exuberant and camp Christopher Wren, while Amy Downham was a wonderful cold, androgenous Miss Casewell.
The designer has been making waves with his androgenous designs and has fast become a name as one of the hottest young designers, especially since he landed the role of creative director of Spanish luxury brand Loewe.
Androgenous suits also made a major impact with A-listers this year with everyone from Cara Delevingne to Kate Moss rocking some masculine tailoring.
Hewitt was with androgenous rockers for more than a decade but has now emerged from two-and-a-half years of channelling his energies into his own personal album.
Also featured is US artist Man Ray's captivating Noir et Blanche (1926) - the head of an androgenous white woman beside an ebony mask.
CLASSIC BRITISH KITSCH Nottingham-born designer Sir Paul Smith brought us chintzy fun with the striped knits he is well known for, together with rose prom-frocks and skirts and androgenous pinstripe tailoring.
Add to that a somewhat androgenous male lead vocalist (at least on softer songs, such as their cover of Elliott Smith's "Waltz No.
Between 1974 and 1975, Antin became "The King of Solana Beach," reinventing herself as an oddly androgenous (decidedly shorter) version of King Charles I.