Anecdotes considered as a group.
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1. anecdotes collectively
2. jocular talkative or garrulous old age
[from anecdote + -age, with play on dotage]
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(ˈæn ɪkˌdoʊ tɪdʒ)

anecdotes collectively.
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old age, when a person may be prone to regale others with anecdotes about his past. [A humorous blend of anecdote and dotage.]
See also: Old Age
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But most economists disdain the "evidence" of history, regarding it as little better than anecdotage. They approach history by one route: econometrics.
Tandon, the legendary first Indian Chairman of Hindustan Lever, had once told this reviewer that the art of writing an autobiography was in striking a balance between being anecdotal and becoming an anecdotage. Dhruba Narayan Ghosh passes that test brilliantly.
We were two old fogies telling anecdotes before anecdotage.
Now in my own anecdotage, I confess to a great deal of sadness in reading Cultivating Ecologies for Digital Media Work.
Further piecemeal evidence of the kind I present below, to be clear, is not dispositive--mere anecdotage is no more conclusive when offered in rebuttal than when offered as part of a case-in-chief.
Holland makes the most of her access to the humans in this horse's tale and provides a bright and illuminating account of Arkle's trainer Tom Dreaper, surprising even Dreaper's son Jim with the depth of previously untapped information and anecdotage.
The Famous Five: A Personal Anecdotage. West Conshohocken, PA: Infinity Publishing, 2009.
It was not mere anecdotage. It was the sheer momentaneous life of the continent.
Jennings has two characteristic modes of speech: I call them "anecdotage" and "romantic conjecture." The anecdote is a form beloved by Tom Bertram in Mansfield Park, whose talk is full of "entertaining stor[ies] about 'my friend such a one'" (52).
After Nathaniel Hawthorne died in 1864, as Julian averred in his anecdotage, "I had become the Head of the Family, and mustn't leave them unprotected." (3) He also had a proprietary interest to protect: he believed he owned his family history.