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One who tells, collects, or publishes anecdotes.


(ˈæn ɪkˌdoʊ tɪst)

also an•ec•do•tal•ist

(ˌæn ɪkˈdoʊ tl ɪst)

a collector or teller of anecdotes.
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Noun1.anecdotist - a person skilled in telling anecdotesanecdotist - a person skilled in telling anecdotes
narrator, storyteller, teller - someone who tells a story
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If he could have dictated all the conditions, he would have chosen the evenings when Newland was out; not because the young man was uncongenial to him (the two got on capitally at their club) but because the old anecdotist sometimes felt, on Newland's part, a tendency to weigh his evidence that the ladies of the family never showed.
"He was a brilliant anecdotist and when you start stringing those anecdotes together you get a picture of a life, a life that covered almost threequarters of a century."
Dennis Must's third short story compendium, Going Dark, presents an anecdotist a la F.