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Neither having nor producing echoes: an anechoic chamber.
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(General Physics) having a low degree of reverberation of sound: an anechoic recording studio.
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(ˌæn ɛˈkoʊ ɪk)

having an unusually low degree of reverberation; echo-free: an anechoic studio.
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Adj.1.anechoic - not having or producing echoes; sound-absorbent; "an anechoic chamber"
nonresonant, unreverberant - not reverberant; lacking a tendency to reverberate
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The new facility, located on the first floor of The 15 Building in downtown Minneapolis, features a state-of-the-art antenna and RF test and design laboratory, including a large 5-meter anechoic chamber.
Auto Business News-March 18, 2019--AGC Inc inaugurates anechoic chambers constructed in Gosselies (Belgium)
This system removes the need for an expensive anechoic chamber for most applications.
diameter geodesic sphere, all housed within a full anechoic chamber.
Keysight's comprehensive mmWave over-the-air test capabilities combine network emulation solutions with anechoic chamber, such as Keysight's Compact Antenna Test Range, which is consistent with 3GPP's decisions approving the chamber as an indirect far field test methodology.
Cystic ovaries were echographically seen as large anechoic structures (> 25 mm) persisting for more than ten days, absence of CL, greater wall thickness in luteal cyst (>2.5 mm) than in follicular cyst (<2.5 mm) and presence of hyperechoic trabeculae from luteal wall in luteal cyst which were absent in follicular cyst (Fig.
Effusions were classified as anechoic, complex septate, complex nonseptate, and echogenic [2, 7].
The researchers conducted a series of controlled measurements of tornadic debris in an anechoic chamber--a nonreflective or echo-free room designed to fully absorb sound and other waves in order to learn about the scattering tendencies of various kinds of tornadic debris, including leaves, shingles, and boards.
The exhibit's anechoic properties are partly enabled by a product known as Basotect, a flexible, open-cell melamine foam with high sound absorption properties.
The solid floor allows equipment to be placed more easily than is the case with a fully anechoic facility.
The room at Orfield Labs is a type of anechoic (an-eh-KOH-ik) chamber.