anechoic chamber

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Noun1.anechoic chamber - a chamber having very little reverberation
room - an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view"
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To measure emissions, the product under test is placed into an anechoic chamber to block out any environmental factors that could influence the test results.
The gigantic anechoic chamber tests passenger jets from all over the world, as well as planes for the U.
com)-- When investigating sound sources proved too time consuming for its busy anechoic chamber, Gorenje - one of Europe's leading home appliance manufacturers - expanded its testing abilities with a bespoke array system from Bruel & Kjaer.
As shown in Figure 3, 7Layers uses a large anechoic chamber for phone tests.
Applications include precision sound level measurements, R&D, hearing preservation and safety, vehicle pass-by noise, machinery preventative maintenance, environmental noise monitoring, anechoic chamber and loudspeaker measurements.
Among specific topics are a robot control system for stereotactic surgery, using a river formation dynamics algorithm in mobile robot navigation, testing some alpha-models of turbulence on wing profiles, oscillations of the piezoelectric actuator with two-directional polarization, the control system for a manipulation mechanism for acoustical measurements in an anechoic chamber, and the non-collision path planning of a payload in crane operating space.
The virtual auditory space, which was created in ISVR's anechoic chamber, allowed researchers to remove positional clues unrelated to echoes, such as footsteps and the placement of an object, and to manipulate the sounds in ways that wouldn't be possible otherwise (e.
The performance of an anechoic chamber depends on its size and shape [26], but the performance of an absorber can be determined by measuring its reflectivity, R = 20 log [absolute value of ([GAMMA])], in dB.
In [25], UWB off-body communication channels results based on measurements result in an anechoic chamber has been published.
CATR is using Spirent's SR5500 and VR5 wireless channel emulators, in conjunction with an anechoic chamber, to investigate and validate approaches to MIMO OTA testing.
An effective calibration technique has been chosen for our anechoic chamber to reduce these errors to acceptable levels and to calibrate the full polarimetric scattering matrix [11-14].
We're creating a state-of-the art anechoic chamber for testing our physical antenna prototypes, but even the best antenna test chambers are limited in their size and shape, the performance of their absorptive materials, and the range of frequencies they can accommodate," Schennum said.