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also a·nae·mic  (ə-nē′mĭk)
1. Relating to or suffering from anemia.
2. Lacking vitality; listless and weak: an anemic attempt to hit the baseball; an anemic economic recovery.

a·ne′mi·cal·ly adv.
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the usual US spelling of anaemically
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Just as everyone has to differentiate between favorers of the right-kind from favorers of the wrong-kind, everyone has to differentiate favorers of the right-kind that are robustly normative from favorers of the wrong-kind that are only anemically normative.
Clement and Waititi have essentially relocated and expanded the idea for American TV, with results ranging from anemically predictable to uproariously clever, depending on the bit.
Toni smiled anemically as she poured a scotch and went outside.
In his last months in office, Clinton reversed himself on a tough policy for the United Nations (UN) weapons inspections in Iraq, backed away from enforcing air traffic restrictions into Baghdad, anemically responded to the twin 1998 terrorist attacks on the American embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, and shrugged at a counterstrike for the skiff-bombing of the USS Cole in Aden, Yemen.
'Lack of interest from investors was quite evident and reflected by anemically low levels of volume,' they said.
California's milk sector, which had its own regulated marketing order arrangements, has performed anemically for a decade, long before the 2014-2015 price downturn, in part because of rising production costs and in part because of adjustment elsewhere toward more competitive production structures.
Carefully, so as not to wrinkle my pressed suit, I lay back down on the made bed, until the sun announced itself anemically. I sat up, recoiled my chignon, and put on my face.
Growth across the globe continues anemically with emerging markets and developing economies expected to grow twice the rate of the more developed established economies and these remain the bright spot for the steel industries.