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Adj.1.Anemometric - pertaining to the measurement of wind speed and directionanemometric - pertaining to the measurement of wind speed and direction
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Analysis of anemometric measurements and mobile radar data during heavy convection shows the kinematic structure of the hurricane at landfall and the suspected influence of circulations aloft on surface winds and extreme surface gusts.
Xu [5] calculated the water vapor transportation and water balance in July and January for eastern China with radiosonde and anemometric data from 1956 and discussed the differences in the sources and methods of water vapor transportation under different conditions in detail; Reitan [6] conducted a statistical analysis on the variation of monthly averaged PW in the continental USA during 1946 to 1956 with data from 52 radiosonde stations; Bannon et al.
Mettler, The anemometric application of an electrical glow discharge in transverse air streams [Ph.D.
The ZigBee radio module transmits the collected data while anemometric station is in charge of data processing.
Wind measurements are generally performed below Wind Turbines (WT) hub heights owing to the economic unfeasibility of using various anemometric towers to map each space and height of the spot (Atlas, 2012).
Following these comparisons, a 55P11 constant-temperature hot-wire anemometric bridge was applied to measure velocity.