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Regarding; concerning: "This question remains a vital consideration anent the debate over the possibility of limiting nuclear war to military objectives" (New York Times).

[Middle English, from Old English onefn, near : on, on; see on + efn, even.]


1. lying against; alongside
2. concerning; about
[Old English on efen, literally: on even (ground)]



in regard to; about; concerning.
[before 900; Middle English variant of anen, Old English on emn, on efen on even1 (ground)]
References in classic literature ?
You see, Miss, I'm knitting a pair o' stockings now;--they're for Thomas Jackson: he's a queerish old body, an' we've had many a bout at threaping, one anent t'other; an' at times we've differed sorely.
These bans an' wafts an' boh-ghosts an' bar-guests an' bogles an' all anent them is only fit to set bairns an' dizzy women a'belderin'.
Whether the Complete British Family Housewife had imparted sage counsel anent them, did not appear, but probably not, as that cloudy oracle was nowhere visible.
There are forty very excellent proverbs anent the hole-ridden cloak of the philosopher.
He accumulated wrath for a moment or so, then seized the plate in one hand, and the biscuits in another, and went in search of the Prince, breathing vile words anent "grub" and his intimate interior.
When there are problems with the prefrontal cortex, people have short anent ion spans.
Wolfson, "Joseph Ibn Saddik on Divine Attributes,'7[pounds sterling]R N*s- 55 (1964-65): 277-298; J, Haberman,"A Critical Note Anent Ibn Saddik on Divine Attributes," JQR N.
com, Bulgarian media reported on June 1, for allegedly broadcasting without permission the moves in the World Championship 2010 games between Viswanathan Anent and Topalov.
The film, which has cost Rs one crore, has known faces from the industry like Anent Nag, Tabitha Likes and Parkas Raja.
Although an 1835 government report on "the Poorer Classes in Ireland" makes reference to "tinkers," Burke uses the word primarily anent literary representations of the indigenous Irish ethnic group that, especially since its politicization in the 1960s, prefer the designation Traveller (with a capital T) According to the 2002 national census, Travellers number approximately 24,000 in the Republic of Ireland, a state that officially recognized Traveller ethnicity in 2000.
ANENT is an entity under the IAEA and 15 countries including the countries like China, India and Pakistan.
Mawieh Oulabi, from IAEA's Department of Technical Cooperation added: "Having KUSTAR host these ANENT activities and the UAE government being elected to chair the network are both important steps for the government and is a testament to its contribution to the human resource development in the field of nuclear training and education.