anesthesia, anaesthesia, anesthesis, anaesthesis

the absence of physical sensation. — anesthesiologist, anaesthesiologist, anaesthetist, n.anesthetic, anaesthetic, n., adj.
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All procedure was done under general endotracheal anesthesis. NG tube passed and urinary catheterization done in all patients who underwent LNAR.
For example, the nerve, muscle, and gland can be stimulated to produce anesthesis [26] by milliampere electric currents.
The primary purpose of the study was to explore if patients who receive DMG solution during LAVH use less morphine patient controlled anesthesis (PCA).
We found that anesthesia method is not suitable to investigate the effect of electroacupuncture on the expression of PGC-1[alpha] in the BAT of rats, because anesthesis condition made rats in cold state which has been reported to highly induce PGC-1[alpha] expression in the BAT of mice and rats [14].
Composit filling was the most common filling material used for primary dentition treated under general anesthesis (formed 58.5% of the fillings), while amalgam was used in 15% of the cases.
Only one patient (5%) had regimental badge anesthesis due to trauma to the upper lateral cutaneous nerve of the arm which was recovered later after four months.