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Adj.1.aneurysmatic - relating to or affected by an aneurysmaneurysmatic - relating to or affected by an aneurysm


, aneurysmatic
a. aneurismal, rel. a un aneurisma.
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Contrast-enhanced CT (CECT) of the thorax revealed an aneurysmatic enlargement of the left subclavian artery.
CT images confirmed the aneurysmatic dilatations in the ascending and abdominal aorta.
The expanded indications were earned on the basis of additional clinical evaluation and now includes specific patient subsets such as those with tapered, aneurysmatic, ectatic (dilated) or very large vessels or those with bypass grafts.
discusses venous and arterial grafts, multivessel intervention, and aneurysmatic arteries
Echocardiography showed mild aortic regurgitation without aortic stenosis and aneurysmatic dilatation of ascending and descending aorta.