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She has more than 60 films to her credit, including Yeh Aman, Kubra Aashiq, Dulhan Rani, Bazaar, Angary, Namak Haram, Rangeela and Dharkan, amongst others.
SATURDAY'S SOLUTION: agape; agar; agate; agent; agnate; anergy; angary; anger; angry; argent; gantry; gape; gaper; garnet; gate; gayer; gean; gear; gent; gentry; gnat; gran; grant; grape; grapey; grate; gray; great; grey; gyrate; gyre; naga; pagan; page; pageant; PAGEANTRY; pager; pang; panga; parang; parget; prang; raga; rage; rang; range; rangy; tanager; tang; tanga; tangy; targe; trepang; yage; yang.
The Mayor of Makkah Osama Al Bar, the chairman of the Board and president of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and the Minister of Higher Education Khalid Al Angary are among those who give their views on Saudi Arabia's economic development.
Instead of acknowledging their feelings, asking for help, or seeking appropriate treatment, men may turn to alcohol or drugs when they are afflicted, or they may, become frustrated, discouraged, angary, irritable, and abusive.
A sampling: aeiou words: armigerous, epuration, inquorate, ossuaries, uvarovite lesser-known counterparts: epizootic, anile, estivate, thegosis, trilemma reversible words (semordnilaps): avid, ogre, debut, nonet, rebus words for odds & ends: aglet, chad, tittle, grommet, pintle spell-checker demons: impassible, wether, specie, angary, demur words from placenames: Ultima Thule, El Dorado, Timbuktu, Brigadoon, stoic