angel's share

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an·gel's share

n. Informal
The quantity of an alcoholic liquor lost to evaporation during the distilling process.
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Gokan, who has also served as beverage director at Angel's Share in New York, opened the Speak Low speakeasy in Shanghai in 2014.
Daniel added: "One of the things you have to deal with when you're making whisky is the so-called angel's share - which evaporates through the wood.
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"It's show time: smoke and flames and lots of shaking," Dixon says of the drinks, created by Shingo Gokan of New York's Angel's Share and Speak Low in Shanghai.
They include Libby McArthur, who played his daughter Gina Rossi, Morag Calder, who played her daughter Ruth, The Angel's Share star William Ruane, who played grandson Brian Henderson and Garry Sweeney as Gabriel Brodie.
And Jak's "Lady's bake with an angel's share" gives everyone a whiff of whisky.
has acquired US-based Angel's Share Brands, its subsidiary, Louisville Distilling Co., and its Angel's Envy brand, Bacardi said on Monday.
Now on its 14th auspicious year, the Grand Wine Experience promises to surpass its previous feats and pageantries with its latest edition, 'The Angel's Share.' There is a mystique that surrounds the ageing of wine or any other eaux de vie in oak barrels.
He compared the loss to the 'Angel's Share' in a distillery adding: "What we have George's (Osborne) Share."
You won the jury prize at cannes for the angel's share. are such prizes important to you?
9 The Angel's Share (15) Narrowly avoiding jail, new dad Robbie vows to turn over a new leaf.