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n. pl. angelfish or an·gel·fish·es
1. Any of various brightly colored fishes of the family Pomacanthidae of warm seas, having a laterally compressed body and often long extensions on the dorsal and anal fins.
a. A cichlid (Pterophyllum scalare) native to rivers of tropical South America and having a laterally compressed, usually striped body with long dorsal and anal fins. It is popular in home aquariums. Also called scalare.
b. Any of several other fishes of the genus Pterophyllum.
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n, pl -fish or -fishes
1. (Animals) any of various small tropical marine percoid fishes of the genus Pomacanthus and related genera, which have a deep flattened brightly coloured body and brushlike teeth: family Chaetodontidae. See also butterflyfish
2. (Animals) Also called: scalare a South American cichlid, Pterophyllum scalare, of the Amazon region, having a compressed body and large dorsal and anal fins: a popular aquarium fish
3. (Animals) another name for angel shark
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(ˈeɪn dʒəlˌfɪʃ)

n., pl. (esp. collectively) -fish, (esp. for kinds or species) -fish•es.
a South American freshwater fish, genus Pterophyllum, often kept in aquariums. Compare scalare.
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Noun1.angelfish - a butterfly fish of the genus Pomacanthusangelfish - a butterfly fish of the genus Pomacanthus
butterfly fish - small usually brilliantly colored tropical marine fishes having narrow deep bodies with large broad fins; found worldwide
2.angelfish - deep-bodied disk-shaped food fish of warmer western Atlantic coastal watersangelfish - deep-bodied disk-shaped food fish of warmer western Atlantic coastal waters
percoid, percoid fish, percoidean - any of numerous spiny-finned fishes of the order Perciformes
Chaetodipterus, genus Chaetodipterus - a genus of Ephippidae
3.angelfish - sharks with broad flat bodies and winglike pectoral fins but that swim the way sharks doangelfish - sharks with broad flat bodies and winglike pectoral fins but that swim the way sharks do
shark - any of numerous elongate mostly marine carnivorous fishes with heterocercal caudal fins and tough skin covered with small toothlike scales
genus Squatina, Squatina - type genus of the Squatinidae: angel sharks
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[ˈeɪndʒəlfɪʃ] N (angelfish (pl)) → angelote m, pez m ángel
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There are plenty of other ( angelfish species which are much more commonly available and easier to look after in hobbyist aquariums.
Members have been at the heart of Scottish alternative music over the years in various bands, from Goodbye Mr Mackenzie to Angelfish.
Of particular interest was the importation of a Peppermint Angelfish (Paracentropyge boylei), an extremely rare, beautiful deep-water angel.
In 1972, I saw bigeyefish, damselfish, doctorfish, filefish, goatfish, gobies, hogfish, lemon butterflyfish, lizardfish, parrottfish, porcupinefish, pufferfish, queen angelfish, rock beauties, sergeant majors, soldierfish, spot-tail butterflyfish, Spanish hogfish, squirrelfish, tangs, trunkfish, and bluehead or yellowhead wrasses.
The Arabian angelfish grows to a maximum length of 40 centimetres (16 inches).
You may even spot angelfish, yellow-tailed barracuda and stingrays.
Angelfish costs P100 to P120 each; lionfish, P40; wrasses, P20; and fishes of the genus Chromis, the cheapest at P5.
The company has secured equity investment from Angelfish Investments Plc.
There will also be Starry Pufferfish, Cownose Rays, Queen Angelfish and Lipstick Tang, as well as blue lined snappers, Guinea Fowl Puffers and Doctorfish.
The festival also has a street food village with regional street food vendors to satisfy hungry crowds including Acropolis, Angelfish and Northern Wilds Pizza.
Other food outlets will include Lukasz' Polish BBQ, Northern Wilds' wood-fired pizza oven, Hexham-based Little Mexico and the local Angel Inn, Corbridge, which will be taking its Angelfish van to serve up beer-battered fish.