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The branch of theology having to do with angels.


(Theology) a doctrine or theory treating of angels


(ˌeɪn dʒəˈlɒl ə dʒi)

the study of angels.


1. Theology. the doctrine or theory concerning angels.
2. the beliefs concerning angels.
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Noun1.angelology - the branch of theology that is concerned with angelsangelology - the branch of theology that is concerned with angels
theology, divinity - the rational and systematic study of religion and its influences and of the nature of religious truth
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Nonetheless, if his angelology and proofreading occasionally go awry, few, particularly in the art-historical community, will care about these oddities in the face of the challenges with which Mathews has presented us.
Author of the bestselling novels Angelology and Angelopolis, as well as an award-winning memoir about her Vietnam-vet father, Trussoni turns her unique gaze in The Fortress to the dark heart of romance.
He is currently studying Jewish demonology and angelology as well as the apotropaic dimension of the basic Jewish customs and rituals.
Stem cell therapy was first used in Cuba in February 2004 and this advanced procedure is available to patients in almost 14 of the 15 provinces in the country along with specialties in traumatology, orthopedics, and angelology respectively.
Many may think that theologians have more immediate concerns in today's world than angelology and demonology, admits Bonino, and even he confesses that angels and demons play a marginal role in Catholic theology.
Gravity's Angels in America, or, Pynchon's Angelology Revisited.
In his book "Unmasking the Devil--Strategies to Defeat Eternity's Greatest Enemy" John Ramirez explores the realities of the devil, the dangers of demonology, and the subtleties of angelology.
Angels and Angelology in the Middle Ages, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1998, p.
Giorgio Agamben, for example, supplements the history of the origin of Benjamin's Angel by linking it to neo-Platonic mysticism, late Hermetics, Gnosticism, early Christianity and Persian and Islamic Angelology, as well as the pre-animist studies of Preuss and Bachofen's primeval swamp myths.
s text is particularly evident in his third chapter on "the spirit of the age," in which he examines surprising but revealing texts such as those reflecting Rahner's revised angelology.
More significantly, the author is aware of the previous unsatisfactory approaches of Western scholarship on angelology in Islam, both in terms of their paucity and problematic approaches, some of which are mentioned by him, and others are only alluded to.
Chapter 6, "The Angels," depicts early Palestinian authority negation of a trend in angelology that elevates angels beyond their usual role of praising and serving the Lord.