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n. hemangioblastoma, hemangioma localizado generalmente en el cerebelo.
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Angioblastoma are often associated with immunocompromised state.
Acquired, angioblastoma, vascular tumor, immunocompetent.
Tufted angioma (angioblastoma): a benign progressive angioma, not to be confused with Kaposi's sarcoma or Low grade angiosarcoma.] Am Acad Dermatol 1989; 20:214.
Tufted angioma has been described in the literature under different names including Nakagawa's angioma, Nakagawa's angioblastoma, progressive capillary hemangioma, and acquired tufted angioma of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.2 It is a rare, benign vascular tumour occurring most commonly in prepubertal children.3 A few cases occurring at unusual sites like oral mucosa in adults have been reported.4 The lesion of TA enlarges slowly over 5 months to 10 years after which no further growth occurs.
Algunas de estas lesiones benignas con un marcado componente vascular son: lesiones de celulas gigantes, lesiones quisticas aneurismaticas, hemangiomas, angioblastomas de celulas gigantes, entre otras.