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n. pl. an·gi·o·mas or an·gi·o·ma·ta (-mə-tə)
A tumor composed chiefly of lymph and blood vessels.

an′gi·o′ma·tous (-ō′mə-təs, -ŏm′ə-) adj.


n, pl -mas or -mata (-mətə)
(Pathology) a tumour consisting of a mass of blood vessels (haemangioma) or a mass of lymphatic vessels (lymphangioma)
ˌangiˈomatous adj


(ˌæn dʒiˈoʊ mə)

n., pl. -mas, -ma•ta (-mə tə)
a benign tumor consisting chiefly of dilated or newly formed blood vessels (hemangioma) or lymph vessels (lymphangioma).
[1870–75; < Greek angeî(on) vessel (see angio-) + -oma]
an`gi•om′a•tous (-ˈɒm ə təs, -ˈoʊ mə-) adj.
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Noun1.angioma - a tumor consisting of a mass of blood or lymphatic vessels
angiopathy - any disease of the blood vessels or lymph ducts
neoplasm, tumor, tumour - an abnormal new mass of tissue that serves no purpose
haemangioma, hemangioma - benign angioma consisting of a mass of blood vessels; some appear as birthmarks
lymphangioma - benign angioma consisting of a mass of lymphatic vessels
spider angioma, spider nevus, vascular spider - a dilation of superficial capillaries with a central red dot from which blood vessels radiate


n angioma m; cherry — hemangioma m capilar; spider — araña vascular, angioma aracniforme
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The patient in this report is unique because he presented with combined vascular proliferation areas mimicking angioma.
It is clinically defined by the association of at least two of the following clinical features: soft tissue and/or bone hypertrophy at one limb (usually the inferior limb), angioma either cutaneous or in other location, varices.
Spider angioma is a group of dilated small vessels occurring in patients with alcoholism and impaired liver function.
He pointed out that the term hemangioma "or derivatives thereof"--cavernous hemangioma, cavernous angioma, lymphangioma and cystic hygroma--are "absolute misnomers and continue to be misused and applied almost haphazardly to any anomalous vascular lesion.
5 to 70 years (Mean Age=11y), 6 (3M, 3F) were soft tissue sarcomas with ages between 15 and 75 years (Mean Age=43y), 4 (3M, 1F) osteosarcomas, ages 20 to 45 years (Mean Age=27y) and 3 vascular in origin; 2 (M) Malignant Haemangiopericytoma, ages 35 and 40 years and 1 (M) Malignant Angioma with age 40 years.
Bartonella henselae infection associated with peripapillary angioma, branch retinal artery occlusion, and severe vision loss.
This group of tumors in the spleen is composed of heterogeneous tumors such as hemangioma, angioendothelioma (AE), littoral cell angioma, and angiosarcoma.
CLASSIFICATION OF VASCULAR ANOMALIES Vascular tumors Vascular malformations Slow-flow Infantile hemangioma Capillary malformations Congenita] hemangioma Venous malformations Tufted angioma Lymphatic malformations Kaposiform Fast-flow hcrnangiocndoi helioma Arteriovenous malformations OLD VERSUS CURRENT NOMENCLATURE FOR DESCRIBING HEMANGIOMA TYPES: Old nomenclature New nomenclature Strawberry or capillary hemangioma Superficial hemangioma Cavernous hemangioma Deep hemangioma Capillary cavernous hemangioma Compound hemangioma
The typical features of Sturge-Weber syndrome include port-wine facial nevus, associated with leptomeningeal angioma intracranial tram track calcification, and cerebral atrophy.
Si el paciente presenta hemorragia aguda, el diagnostico diferencial debe incluir quistes de la hendidura de Rathke, angioma cavernoso, angioma venoso y aneurismas (15,16)
Photorejuvenation based skin treatments are used widely in various skin diseases such as acne, acne scars, rosacea, matted telangiectasia, lentigines cherry, angioma and spider angioma, red or blue facial and leg veins.
Secondary SUNCT syndrome is less common [7], but it can arise as a result of abnormalities of vessels at the cerebellopontine angle, cerebellopontine angle venous angioma, brainstem angiocavernoma, eye trauma, a complication of AIDS infection in the posterior cranial fossa, direct compression of the trigeminal nerve by cerebral vessels, lesions of the trigeminal nerve, compression of the brainstem (e.