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(ĭn′fən-tl-ĭz′əm, ĭn-făn′tl-)
1. The existence of juvenile physical or psychological characteristics in an adult, as from failure to develop secondary sexual characteristics.
a. Marked immaturity, as in behavior or character.
b. An infantile act or remark.
3. A condition in which one desires to act or be treated like a baby, sometimes associated with a paraphilia.
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1. (Psychology) psychol
a. a condition in which an older child or adult is mentally or physically undeveloped
b. isolated instances of infantile behaviour in mature persons
2. childish speech; baby talk
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(ˈɪn fən tlˌɪz əm, -taɪˌlɪz-, ɪnˈfæn tlˌɪz əm)

1. the persistence in an adult of markedly childish anatomical, physiological, or psychological characteristics.
2. an infantile act, trait, etc.
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the condition of one who is not a child acting abnormally childlike. — infantility, n.infantilistic, adj.
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Noun1.infantilism - an abnormal condition in which an older child or adult retains infantile characteristics
abnormalcy, abnormality - an abnormal physical condition resulting from defective genes or developmental deficiencies
ateleiosis, ateliosis - a form of infantilism characterized by physical underdevelopment but normal intelligence
2.infantilism - infantile behavior in mature persons
misbehavior, misbehaviour, misdeed - improper or wicked or immoral behavior
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[ɪnˈfæntɪˌlɪzəm] Ninfantilismo m
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n. infantilismo, manifestación de características infantiles en la edad adulta.
Inmadurez extrema.
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