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n. angioespasmo, contracción prolongada y fuerte de un vaso sanguíneo.
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Aneurysm rupture, subarachnoid hemorrhage, hydrocephalus, cerebral angiospasm and recurrence were observed after surgery.
Other pathological causes implicated are increased vascular permeability, venous stasis, angiospasm and increased blood viscosity.
The former is an M-choline receptor blocker with the function of regulating the vegetative nervous system, and with the effects of center sedation, anti-shock, anti-allergy, as well as the improvement of microcirculation.[sup][6],[7] The latter is an antioxidant with the activities of nceuroprotection and the improvement of visual acuity.[sup][7] CA is capable to improve visual function through regulating the function of ocular vessels, relieving angiospasm, and increasing ocular blood flow.[sup][6] Moreover, researches showed that CA is an antioxidant which is able to relieve vasospasm of the whole body and improve the blood supply of tissues as well as microcirculation.[sup][7]