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A seed plant having ovules enclosed in an ovary and exhibiting double fertilization; a flowering plant.

an′gi·o·sper′mous adj.
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Adj.1.angiospermous - of or related to or characteristic of plants that are angiosperms
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This was the first direct evidence that such fossil columellar monosulcate pollen was angiospermous, which had been questioned by some early workers (e.g., Brenner, 1963).
These samples also yielded a palynomorph assemblage of 33 taxa of which 17 are gymnospermous and angiospermous pollen grains, 10 are pteridophytic spores, and 4 are fungal spores and hyphae.
Branching in Pachycaul Senecios: The Durian Theory and the evolution of angiospermous trees and herbs.
Most of the angiospermous swamp trees that occurred in this wetland were uprooted.
On cornerian and other terminology of angiospermous and gymnospermous seed coats: historical perspective and terminological recommendations.
Thus, the type of the angiospermous monotelic synflorescence is a whole shoot system with its vegetative and innovative part, the trophotagma, and its reproductive part, the anthotagma.
Alexander IJ, Hogberg P (1986) Ectomycorrhizas of tropical angiospermous trees.
Four main ecological sporomorph groups characterize the samples: (1) gymnospermous inaperturates and saccates; (2) angiospermous monocotyledons and (3) dicotyledons; and (4) pteridophytic fern spores.