angle for

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w>angle for

vi +prep obj
(lit) troutangeln
(fig) complimentsfischen nach; to angle for somethingauf etw (acc)aus sein; to angle for somebody’s sympathyjds Mitleid erregen wollen
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The experimental studies reported by Hekimouglu recently [17] revealed that the tilt angle of picks on road-headers has an optimal value, which was roughly the half of rock breakout angle for corner cutting picks.
By eliminating the time tf in the system of two equations represented by these conditions, we can deduce a law expressed by a function of the type [v.sub.0](a), showing how the throwing angle varies according to the throw angle for the ball to penetrate into the basket.
Paired samples t-test comparison showed that the Collum angle for maxillary central incisor for patients with Class II division 2 malocclusion was significantly higher than Class II division 1, mean difference being 6.38 5.81.(Table 2)
The optimum projection angle for achieving the greatest distance in a rugby place kick is not expected to be 45[degrees].
Watt and MacGregor10 stated that the nasolabial angle for adequate lip support is approximately 90o in fabricating complete dentures.
It's all about creating a leg angle for optimal acceleration.
The helix angle for such screws is often outside the optimum range for solids conveying capacity, and a feed-restricted operating condition results.
In order to collect those protons which take off in a direction away from the MCP, a fourth deflecting grid set at 22 kV to 26 kV is inserted between the decay volume and the electron detector to bring about a 4[pi] collection solid angle for protons.
For example, the opposite angle for an angle of 61.12[degrees] is 360[degrees] - 61.12[degrees], or 298.88[degrees].
The draft angle for both molding processes must not be too large, otherwise, it will unnecessarily add material to the casting and possibly increase the machining stock.
angle for three gloss levels on a basic sandblast texture.