Angle of torsion

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(Geom.) of a curve) (Geom.), the indefinitely small angle between two consecutive osculating planes of a curve of double curvature.

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where [phi] is angle of torsion; [M.sub.x], [M.sub.z] are moments of bending and torsion about axes x and z; [I.sub.y] are minimum moment of inertia with respect to axis y; [I.sub.s] are inertial moment of torsion; G is modulus of shear.
The third group comprised of the patients with III heavy degree of the breast bone torsion, with angle of torsion more than 30[degrees].
where u - shift through turning; [phi] - angle of torsion; [delta] - vertical shift; D - shelf stiffness (D [approximately equal to] 1/2 [B.sub.1]); h - profile height; L - element length; [B.sub.1] = [EI.sub.y] (E - modulus of elasticity, [I.sub.y] - min moment of inertia); C = [GI.sub.tor] (G - shear modulus, [I.sub.tor] - moment of inertia in torsion).