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A lead sulfate mineral, PbSO4, occurring in colorless or tinted crystals and formed by the weathering of lead ore.

[After Anglesey.]


(Minerals) a white or grey secondary mineral consisting of lead sulphate in orthorhombic crystalline form. It occurs in lead-ore deposits and is a source of lead. Formula: PbSO4
[C19: from Anglesey, where it was first found]


(ˈæŋ gəlˌsaɪt)

a mineral, lead sulfate, PbSO4, found in massive deposits and in colorless or variously tinted crystals: a minor ore of lead.
[1830–40; after Anglesey, where it was first found]
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Anglesite (PbSO4) is an opaque compound that was found nearly everywhere throughout the varnish.
It emerged that the sulphate anions had found a suitable reaction partner in lead ions from the varnish and had formed anglesite," DESY scientist Gerald Falkenberg said.
Together, the cadmium oxalate and anglesite account for the discoloration.
Within the oxidized zones, the primary sulfide minerals were commonly converted to limonite, pyrolusite, cerussite, anglesite, argentojarosite and plumbojarosite (basic sulfates of Fe), and native silver, with traces of malachite and azurite.
Some of the highlights include: Parys Mountain,on Anglesey, was once the world's largest copper mine and contains a wide range of minerals including pyrite, galena and the rare anglesite.
Parys Mountain on Anglesey was former the world's largest copper mine and contains a wide range of minerals including Pyrite, Galena and the rate Anglesite.
Lead phases detected in lead paint include synthetic hydrocerussite, crocoite, anglesite, phoenicochroite and possible plattnerite.
Ore minerals include gold, silver, chalcopyrite (CuFeS2), galena (PbS), bornite (CuFeS4), covellite (CuS), chalcocite (Cu2S), anglesite (PbSO4), sphalerite (ZnS), argentite (Ag2S), cerussite (PbCO3) and smithsonite (ZnCO3).
These, first briefly described by Knopf (1914), included linarite, caledonite, anglesite, wulfenite, hemimorphite and cerussite.
Other minerals found there include the sulfide minerals chalcopyrite, galena, glaucodot, marcasite, pyrite and sphalerite, as well as anglesite, barite, brochantite, "nail-head" calcite, devilline, dolomite, linarite, malachite, quartz, schulenbergite, serpierite, smolyaninovite and wroewolfeite.
Small, tabular anglesite crystals on galena have been found, as well as rare sky-blue to sea-green aurichalcite sprays (Middle level), and nondescript coatings of green malachite and pale brown hemimorphite.